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Lori Serum

Owner, Regency Homes, Inc.

Lori began her home-building career in 1985 when she joined the Regency team. Within ten years, she acquired part-ownership and in 2010, Lori became the sole owner. Lori finds joy in what she does and is truly humbled by how blessed she is to own her own home-building business. Lori Serum learned two things growing up in a large family in rural Southwestern Minnesota; First, milking cows was not her passion, and second, hard work was nothing to be afraid of. The strong work ethic she developed growing up – combined with the values of honesty, respect, and humility she learned from her parents – has shaped the person she is today. These same strong values have become the foundation for how she does business.

Traditionally a male-dominated industry, Lori has worked hard to earn her reputation as a well-respected, trustworthy, and knowledgeable professional in residential construction. Lori’s personal passion for establishing and keeping great relationships is something she applies to her day-to-day interactions with her employees, her contractors, and, her customers. Working one-on-one with each and every client, Lori helps them establish their lifestyle characteristics and design needs which she uses to create a dream home that fits within the homeowner’s established budget.

She truly is committed to making their home-building experience enjoyable. Past and current Regency clients describe their interactions with Lori as welcoming, professional, and transparent which they attribute to why they feel so comfortable through the entire process.

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